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Welcome to the Blue Octopus education center, these recruitment resources have been written by recruitment professionals for recruitment professionals.

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  • HR Guide to Recruitment

    HR Guide to Recruitment - What's right for you?

    Modern recruitment has definitely changed a lot over the past few years, it has become very confusing as to which solution is best for your hiring needs. Are you aware of all the options available to you and how they work?

  • Hiring on LinkedIn

    Hiring Through LinkedIn

    For recruiters who want to reach the widest audience possible, there are few better options than LinkedIn. It's like a kind of Facebook for business. LinkedIn recruitment is a great tool for those looking to take on new talent.

  • Recruiting for Seasonal Workers

    Recruiting for Seasonal Workers

    Seasonal work can be a fantastic arrangement for everyone involved. Read the guide to find out more. 

  • Improving Recruitment

    Improving your Recruitment Experience

    Recruitment takes many different forms - online recruitment companies, agencies, job boards, careers sites and more.

  • Perfect Interview

    Conducting the Perfect Interview

    Few parts of the recruitment process are as crucial as the interview. It’s vital to know how to conduct the face-to-face assessment in a way that ensures the absolute best hires; but how is that done?

  • The Mobile Candidate

    The Mobile Jobseeker

    The world of hiring is changing, candidates are becoming more and more mobile. Make sure that your online recruitment process is ready these changes, download the HR resource today.

  • Blue Octopus saved us time and money from day one as they managed to overhaul our post and email-based recruitment system almost overnight.
    Josie Gavoyannis - Regional HR Partner
  • I feel completely supported and to be honest this recruitment malarkey is becoming a joy! I get to do the nice bits, meeting the great candidates and progressing to offer stage.
    Ann Shields - Resourcing Business Partner