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HR Guide to Recruitment - What's right for you?

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Modern recruitment has definitely changed a lot over the past few years, it has become very confusing as to which solution is best for your hiring needs. Are you aware of all the options available to you and how they work? If not, then don’t worry! Blue Octopus have got it covered. Within this guide we will cover the four main recruitment solutions which are widely available to HR professionals and how they work.  

Everyone knows that if you have a job vacancy that needs filling, you go to a recruitment agency…right? Although most of us are familiar with agencies, and some organisations rely on them entirely for their hiring needs, they might not be the best option available for your recruitment.

While agencies have their place in the recruitment market, they shouldn't necessarily be your first port of call. Many different of methods exist in this highly competitive market and deciding which of these you should choose should be considered carefully.

A great recruitment solution can be provided by an agency, but you would expect this with the huge placement fees that come hand in hand with this offering. Another method would be for a HR team to go directly to the job boards and manage the process internally, but this can be very time consuming and the company will need to employ an experienced team to proactively manage the process.

An alternative solution like a trusted flat fee recruiter can certainly save you money, time and effort. In some cases the results can surpass that of a traditional agency, as flat fee recruitment companies can offer a wider job board reach and bespoke recruitment technology (like Blue Octopus’ Octo recruitment technology).

It's always worth looking at how your company or organisation can handle things differently so that you don't miss a great opportunity where you could be improving the business – hopefully by the end of this guide you'll have a clear idea of what you should be looking in to!

We will be covering the following recruitment solutions within this guide. 

recruitment solutions

1. Traditional Recruitment Agencies

2. Recruitment Process Outsourcing

3. In-house Recruitment Team

4. Online Recruitment 


Traditional Recruitment Agency

Using traditional recruitment agencies to hire

What is a recruitment agency?

First we need to look at what a recruitment agency is, what they do, and exactly why they are the go-to solution for most companies’ recruitment needs.

The standard model of a recruitment agency is both client- and candidate-facing. A recruitment consultant will find new job opportunities and offer candidates assistance in the preparation of their interview, whilst bridging the gap between client and candidate.

How does a recruitment agency work? 

An employer will get in touch with a recruitment agency asking them to recruit for specific vacancies. The agency will then look through their database for ideal candidates. The role will also be advertised on various job boards to generate applications. Once the agency feels that they have found a number of suitable candidates, they will then be passed on to the employer looking to recruit, usually via email. If the employer feels that the applicants are what they are looking for, the information will be passed back to the agency to arrange interviews with the employer.

What are the benefits of using a recruitment agency?

The benefits of finding a job through a recruitment agency are as follows -

The agency will have built up a portfolio of clients which will benefit candidates, as the agency will have an understanding of each individual client’s needs.

Other benefits of using a recruitment agency include:

Interview advice

CV and cover letter advice

Feedback after every interview

Managed service

Candidate communication

Benefits for the client: –  Having access to a huge talent pool is a massive advantage, when recruiting through an agency. The knowledge that an experienced recruiter offers in a certain industry, with the results to back it up, is unrivalled.

Dis-advantages of using a traditional recruitment agency: - Costs, agencies work on a percentage basis, this can be anywhere from 5-25% of the advertised salary. If the recruiter makes a placement and the successful candidate quits the role early on, you would be required to advertise the role again and lose money on the placement fee, unless you have a staggered reimbursement fee agreement in place.

How does an RPO work?

Using recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

What is recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO as it is known, is a partnership between the client (RPO buyer) and a recruiting company (RPO provider). When recruiting for roles, it will be the RPO buyer’s branding that will be advertised/promoted and not that of the RPO provider. 

How does recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) work?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers can oversee the whole recruitment process from job posting through to the offer stage or will manage a couple of aspects of the process. Acting as an extension to the company’s human resources team, the RPO providers are a bridge between candidate and client and will work from inside the clients’ office to familiarise themselves with the clients recruitment needs.

What are the benefits of using RPO?

Using an RPO can assist in lots of different ways when recruiting. For instance, if the business used a head-hunter or recruitment agency to fill a vacancy they would potentially just be looking to fill the role with anyone suitable. An RPO would be on the lookout for the best talent possible and will of course have been involved in the whole process from creating branded adverts to liaising with the business from day one.

An RPO is charged at a monthly retainer/set fee and can save businesses on average of 70% of any agency fees if they are great at what they do and work with large volumes.

Disadvantages of using an RPO: - An RPO is paid to hire people in to your business and not to build it.  So if you were to look elsewhere for recruitment in the future, you would have to start from scratch.

How does an In-house Recruitment Team work?

Using an In-house Recruitment Team

What is an In-house Recruitment team?

Hiring your own employees is a way of forming an in-house recruitment team. Their role in the business will be to oversee the whole recruitment process. This will include CV searching for potential candidates through their own database. The in-house recruitment team will also post vacancies on various job boards as well as their own recruitment website if they have one available.

How does an In-house Recruitment team work?

As the business’ HR team will understand what is required when looking to employ new members to its work force, recruitment is usually their responsibility. They will oversee everything from advert design, copywriting, job posting, cv searching, shortlisting, interviewing and offering of roles. Having a knowledge of the business and industry, using an In-house recruitment team can be an extremely beneficial yet costly option as the business will have to employ a team to do this.

What are the benefits of using an In-house Recruitment team?

The major benefits of using an In-house Recruitment team are that they understand the strategy that is already in place within the business and what they require adding to their team. It can also be a very cost effective way of recruitment if the business has the right team in place versus traditional recruitment agency placement fees.

The major disadvantage of using an In-House Recruiter as opposed to an agency or RPO is that they don’t have as much experience and they also don’t have access to an existing talent pool, certainly not of the size an agency would have.

How does Online Recruitment work?

Using Online Recruitment

What is Online Recruitment?

A good online recruiter brings together technology with the experience and skills of dedicated recruitment professionals. In most cases a flat fee is offered by online recruitment companies.

How does Online Recruitment work?

An online recruiter works in a similar way to an RPO by being an extension to their clients’ HR team. However, the online recruiter will not be based in the client’s office. The online recruitment team will oversee everything that the In-house recruitment team would do but without the staggering placement fees which traditional recruitment agencies charge. With a flat fee recruiter, you would purchase a package of campaigns at the beginning of the partnership then use these campaigns when needed. The more campaigns that are purchased reduces the cost of the individual flat fee per campaign.  

What are the benefits of using an Online Recruiter? 

Using an online recruiter has many benefits. Offering a flat fee rate versus recruitment agency placement fees is an obvious starting point. But the fact that you have an on-hand experienced service team managing the complete recruitment process ensures that you are consistently getting the most out of every role that you hire for. Providing the client with online recruitment technology to transparently see the progress of any campaign in real-time, 24/7 is extremely beneficial and a transparent approach to hiring (Blue Octopus have our own in-house built technology Octo; other online recruiters might use ‘off the shelf products’). 



Cost Effective Recruitment:

Our cost effective, flat fee recruitment solutions save clients thousands compared to traditional recruitment agencies and RPO’s.

Time Saving Solution:

We can save our clients valuable time by pre-sifting applications, booking interviews and managing both their offers and declines.

Recruitment Technology:

Our easy to use Octo online recruitment software has awesome features which streamline our clients’ recruitment processes and make recruitment easy! Octo has had over 830,000 candidate applications, so you know you are in safe hands (or tentacles).

Job Board Reach:

With access to over 100 job boards, 9 CV searching databases. We connect you to a vast talent pool which our dedicated service team will pro-actively search to find you top talent.

Experienced Team:

We have won awards year on year for outstanding service. What’s our secret? Great communication with HR professionals and candidates right through the recruitment process.  

Social Media Coverage:

Social media platforms are a great way to attract passive candidates to your vacancies. Octo has a built-in Social Hub and Octo FirstClass users can share their vacancies to their own company pages. Our recruitment team can also access even more talent with the help of LinkedIn super user licences.Multiple Hires:

It doesn’t matter how many candidates our clients appoint for a single campaign, they will only pay the same low flat fee, as our prices are per campaign and not per appointment. 

Managed Service:

Our award winning managed service takes the strain out of your recruitment, as we manage the whole hiring process, from writing the job descriptions, advertising the vacancies, CV searching, filtering of applications through to booking interviews. Our service team are on hand to assist with all your hiring needs.

If you would like to discuss our services in more detail, book a demo or contact us