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Improving your Recruitment Experience

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Importance of your recruitment

Recruitment takes many different forms – online recruitment companies, agencies, job boards, careers sites and more. But recruitment is often neglected, no matter who’s conducting it, as some HR professionals prefer to focus on those already within the company.

People matter whether they’ve been recruited for your workplace yet or not, so the same care and consideration needs to be given over to the recruitment experience as for any other aspect of human resources.

A negative encounter when being recruited can turn candidates off even the most respected companies. Word of mouth is a powerful force. And a candidate who is turned off by a company’s recruitment processes may decide they don’t want to work with you any more – which may end up being a bigger loss to you than to the candidate.

Another point to keep in mind is that unemployment can be very stressful, and it could be said that recruiters have something of a duty of care for candidates – and that means making the recruitment experience as hassle-free and
streamlined as possible.

There’s no single, catch-all solution to improving the recruitment experience. Your multi-faceted solution will encompass software, service, communication, budgeting, staffing, policies and more. What’s more, it will depend heavily on your current practices – no-one can tell you exactly what needs to be done without a clear idea of what may be going on now.

Nevertheless, here’s your definitive guide to crafting a seamless, stress-free recruitment strategy which benefits HR staff, candidates and the company as a whole.

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Utilise recruitment technology

Recruitment is at its fastest and most convenient when it’s on the net. Therefore, web-based recruitment software will help smooth out some of the bumps that candidates and recruiters find along the way in the recruitment process.

What does recruitment currently look like in your company or organisation? If it involves stacks of CVs collected in person, through the post, by email and via your careers website, there’s a chance your HR team finds themselves overwhelmed in a mass of applications and CVs.

With recruitment handled through a SaaS (Software as a Service) package, those responsible for hiring in your organisation will be able to analyse and score candidates easily.

What’s more, web-based software can be accessed from anywhere at any time, allowing for work to
get done outside of the office.

Compared to paper-based organisation, such systems have the advantage of scaling well, and of providing for management of employee permissions and coordination between offices in different geographical locations.

Easy to Use: The Octo system is easy to understand and quick to learn so you can start hiring straight away!

Save Time: Octo has been developed alongside HR professionals to save time and simplify the recruitment process.

HR Tip: The provision of software solutions create more time for HR staff, allowing them to better serve clients and candidates, and to reduce the amount of administration necessary.

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The candidate experience

A top recruitment system serves candidates as well as staff. Many recruiters and in-house human resources teams tend not to place great focus on the candidate – the candidate is, after all, not paying their salary, and in most cases there will not be an ongoing business relationship. Nevertheless, as previously mentioned, a mistreated candidate can count against the hiring organisation, and a successful hire who found the process stressful can be disappointed with the company’s level of service before even starting work!

For job applicants, a better experience means accessibility, transparency and speed. Online recruitment tools are fantastic on all three fronts as all applications are in one place and can be viewed and updated from anywhere. An easy to use and navigate application portal is an essential part of this.

Similarly, an application site that carries the branding of the employer rather than of the software supplier can appear more professional and adds to the impression of a seamless experience. In some ways, the complete process depends on a number of small gestures.

Customise: Get fully branded with Octo First Class: enabling our clients to build a successful recruitment brand and increase brand awareness throughout the recruitment process.

HR Tip: Try to see your recruitment system from the point of view of a candidate. The better you understand applications from the point of view of a candidate, the more successful you will be.

Transparency in communications

Transparency in communication is essential to a positive recruitment experience. The application
procedure is of course not over as soon as a form is submitted; while accessibility and flexibility in a form is important, it’s easy to forget that applicants may have to wait for months before hearing that the position has been filled. (The latest figures show that it is taking companies an average of 25 days to fill open positions, and in many cases this period is much longer).

Each candidates will have other applications in the pipeline, to be sure, but if a role is worth having then the progress of the application will never be far from their mind. Jobseekers are busy people, despite obviously not being in employment; a motivated and serious candidate will spend time following up on outstanding applications and so this process must be made as easy as possible.

It’s therefore important that information is always available, preferably online, and that if they choose to pick up the phone, a friendly and knowledgeable voice is on the other end of the line. Candidates should be contacted promptly even if they’re rejected.

With an increasingly mobile audience, any recruiting body, be it an agency, recruitment
company or employer, should make serious effort to cater for users of the medium. Social media is also a vital tool to capitalise on, as brands of all kinds are expected to maintain a presence on at least two or three. For an industry that relies on outreach and networking, a failure to properly utilise Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn is a grave error.

Your recruitment processes need to be effective as possible, communication with candidates is key and aim to get your TTH (time to hire) as low as possible.

HR Tip: The average job search takes a few months but can take a year or more, even when looking for work is treated as a full-time occupation. Don’t miss out on this talent within this time period.

The right people

A team is only as good as its staff, and so those responsible for recruitment in your organisation need to be the best you can find. Crucially, the people there should want to be there – it sounds obvious but some in recruitment are all too reluctant to innovate or go the extra mile in their work.

When recruiting recruiters, look for those with passion for what they do, and experience and proven skill in the specific area of recruiting (as opposed to other HR functions).

HR Tip: Word of mouth referral is a great way to recruit so make your new staff brand ambassadors through an outstanding onboarding process.

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Do it by the book

Caring recruiters are enthusiastic and unafraid of change, but behind the scenes recruitment processes are still driven by policy. Any organisation that hires staff, whether within an organisation or with an external recruitment company, keeps to its values and to guidelines that ensure they treat everyone equally and fairly.

An unfair recruitment experience isn’t a good one, even if the candidate is actually satisfied with the level of service they got from the recruiter. Any leading questions, discriminatory policies, lack of organisation, missed deadlines, misdirected communications or forgotten tasks are all unacceptable when it comes to trying to find the right person for the job. In particular, recruiters need to toe the line when it comes to anti-discrimination laws, and they should ensure that there is a clear plan in place for every step of the hiring process. This way, every position will be filled quickly and with the best candidate, while candidates are kept fully informed and have their applications considered fairly.

Templates for things such as interview questions and advertisements also ensure fairness and uniformity – though candidate feedback should be tailored and honest. A generic review of an application that reached interview stage, along the lines of “you lacked direct experience,” is not as helpful as it could be.

The policies will ideally reflect company values: honesty, integrity and compassion being good examples.

Recruitment made easy with Octo Recruitment Technology

Providing an outstanding recruitment experience is not a matter of putting in a one-off fix. Rather, it is a level of service that needs to be upheld and continually improved over time. To make it happen, you need a professional team that cares about keeping up standards.

With our expert team and always-updated Octo candidate management platform, we give each of our clients virtually everything they need for a streamlined, effective hiring process, every time.

No-nonsense recruitment technology from Yorkshire

Streamline: Save time and simplify your hiring process.

Full Control: Take control of all your vacancies and candidates.

Meet Goals:  Whatever your targets, Octo can be adapted to meet them. 

Blue Octopus has created something brilliant out of years of experience in recruitment. Octo enables companies to have total control of their vacancies, leading to better hires and a more streamlined recruitment experience whilst saving time and money. Octo also offers a range of advanced features such as the ability to build a talent pool, notify candidates by SMS and generate advanced recruitment reports.

Sound good? 

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