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We want to give candidates all the help they need to make the next step in their career. The education centre has heaps of advice to help job seekers on their way. Our resources are designed to give applicants the competitive edge.

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  • Writing a Brilliant Cover Letter

    Writing a Brilliant Cover Letter

    While some recruiters and employers will tell you that 'nobody reads cover letters any more', it's well worth the effort to make one that stands out. Cover letters are as widely expected as they ever were.

  • CV Guide

    CV Guide

    Whether you’re writing your very first CV, or whether you’re throwing out an old one and starting again, this guide to creating your CV from scratch should give you a great advantage the next time you put yourself forward for a role.

  • Interview Tips

    Interview Tips

    We’ve all been there, you receive the call to say that you have been shortlisted for an interview for the role that you have recently applied for. The nerves start to kick in and you wonder if this time is your time... 

  • Blue Octopus saved us time and money from day one as they managed to overhaul our post and email-based recruitment system almost overnight.
    Josie Gavoyannis - Regional HR Partner
  • I feel completely supported and to be honest this recruitment malarkey is becoming a joy! I get to do the nice bits, meeting the great candidates and progressing to offer stage.
    Ann Shields - Resourcing Business Partner