How to stay motivated, and why that's important

Your career matters. That’s why we’ve put together these resources to help you succeed.

Motivation lets you perform the duties of your role to the expectations of your company, with an increased level of excellence and efficiency. There are many ways to maintain a high level of motivation:

1. Improving your self-confidence

Those who are increasingly motivated know they are able to set high standards and accomplish them. It’s the quality that helps you to do your best to achieve your goals. Be kind to yourself, we’re often our own toughest critic, but if you cut out negative thoughts about your abilities, you can succeed. Maintain a positive mindset and know that making mistakes helps us learn and improve. Think of it as a learning experience.

2. Having an objective

When you’re motivated you have a purpose to complete your work. This encourages you to finish your work to a high standard more efficiently. Setting realistic goals can help you consider what you want to accomplish and therefore you have something to work towards.

3. Maintaining good relationships at work

Feeling highly motivated in your career can make you happier and more likely to stay with your current employer long-term. Surrounding yourself with supportive individuals can motivate you throughout your career, these relationships will keep your energy levels high in order to achieve your goals.

This can also benefit you by celebrating your successes with these individuals to feel as though you have accomplished something and are progressing in your career.

4. Being able to conquer challenges

Being motivated allows you to overcome challenges within the workplace, individuals who are qualified for their role and actively wanting to complete their goals are more likely to benefit the business.

5. Keep Learning

Step outside of your comfort zone but still being relevant in your career. In the fast-moving digital world we are now in, new skills can open up additional opportunities which can motivate you to succeed further.

6. Ask for feedback

Not only will feedback allow you to understand where your doing well, you can outline the areas of your role where you need to improve, to then enhance your performance. This will show you are keen to perform to your best ability, and that you’re open to grow and achieve more within your role.