Honest, Online Recruitment

Honest, Online Recruitment

Oceans of talent at your fingertips. The future of recruitment is here and it’s blue and has tentacles!

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    Recruitment Technology

    We’ve packed a bunch of clever features into our Octo Recruitment Software to make hiring super easy.

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    Candidate Attraction

    We don’t let the computers do all the work – our people search high and low for great talent.

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    Candidate Management

    We know you’re pushed for time so we’ll keep your candidates briefed from start to finish.

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    Streamlined Process

    We work with you, as part of your team, so it’s your brand candidates see - not ours.

Finding the right people for your business can feel like swimming against the tide.

At Blue Octopus we want to make recruitment easier. So we’ve developed our own online recruitment solution that puts you back in control.

It’s an awesome alternative to traditional recruitment agencies and you’ll also gain access to our outstanding recruitment technology – this will enable us to act as a powerful extension to your HR/in-house recruitment team. 

Our fresh approach has been making some waves and here at Blue Octopus headquarters in Leeds, Yorkshire, we’ve had to get used to the attention.

It’s an award-winning concept that gives you easy-to-use online technology with real support from dedicated recruitment professionals – all for one flat fee.

Would you like to know more? Dive in!

Blue Octopus is trusted by some of the UK’s largest companies