Choosing the Right Recruitment Agency is Imperative. Here's How to Do It.

Choosing the Right Recruitment Agency is Imperative. Here’s How to Do It.

Employees are, in any business, the most valuable asset, on whom operational efficiency, productivity, and success depend. Engaging with an expert recruitment agency not only saves time but also reduces the cost of recruitment – cutting onboarding time and improving staff retention. But with many agencies vying for your attention, how can you be sure of choosing the right one to support your recruitment strategy?


1. Understand Your Company’s Goals and Needs.

It’s often said that recruitment is about finding the right people, not the best people. A candidate may, on paper, appear to be the most well-qualified or academically adept – but if they don’t possess the teamworking skills you require or don’t share your vision for your business’s growth, they may prove to be the wrong choice.

When selecting a recruitment agency, ensure you choose one that understands your business’s ethos and goals, so they can accurately match the candidate’s personalities, experience, and ambitions with your job requirements.


2. Learn About Each Agency’s Hiring Processes

There’s no simple formula to sourcing the right staff, and approaches and standards can vary enormously between recruitment agencies.

While it’s often best to trust the experts to deliver the service, you need confidence that your chosen partner will approach the recruitment campaign in a way that matches the culture of your business. If you have exacting standards and wish to leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the best talent, you need a recruitment agency partner that mirrors your own talent acquisition, recruitment, and onboarding philosophy.


3. Research Each Agency’s Reputation

Many recruitment agencies will have experience working with businesses in your field of expertise. Others, however, may have little knowledge of your specific industry and, therefore, may not be a good match. Agencies also tend to specialise in either permanent or temporary/contract recruitment, though they may advertise themselves as providing both.

Sifting through the options may still be challenging, so eliminate those who have a poor local reputation or a pattern of negative reviews online. A poor reputation will often translate into substandard recruitment practices, which could lead you to appoint unsuitable candidates. Agencies with a consistently positive reputation are more likely to deliver good results.


4. Evaluate Their Communication and Service Standards

When you make your initial enquiry with prospective recruitment agencies, consider how effectively they communicate. If you email or phone, how responsive are they? Are the staff able to lucidly explain their business philosophy and practices, and how these will help to secure the most suitable staff for your organisation?

As your recruitment strategy evolves, your acquisition needs may change, so your chosen recruitment agency must be flexible and adaptable. Look for signs that the agency will work in partnership with you to manage change, rather than being constrained by inflexible approaches.


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