Four Factors to Consider When Selecting a Recruitment Outsourcing Company

Four Factors to Consider When Selecting a Recruitment Outsourcing Company

If you’ve decided to take advantage of outsourced recruitment solutions, you will already recognise that your business will benefit from access to a richer pool of talent, a more streamlined recruitment process, and lower overall hiring costs.

The challenge, however, is to choose your outsourcing recruitment specialist. As in all walks of life, there are businesses offering services of variable quality, so it’s well-worth a detailed and diligent approach to selecting the best partner to meet your company’s needs.

Four Steps To Identifying The Best Provider Of Outsourced Recruiting Services

So, what questions should you ask to make sure you choose the right partner for your recruitment and outsourcing?

1) Do You Have The Capacity To Hire The Number Of People I Need?

There are many managed recruitment businesses and agencies offering broadly similar services, but the size of their talent pools could determine whether you find the best people to join your organisation. How many hires you need to make is a crucial factor: if a recruitment specialist cannot find sufficient candidates for you to have a broad choice, you could end up appointing the wrong people, or even not appointing at all. Find out whether the recruiter can support you to find the number of hires you need.

2) Do You Have Experience Of Supporting My Business’s Industry?

It’s important that your chosen recruitment company understands your business’s needs, the challenges it faces, and the type of candidates it requires. A recruiter that has direct experience of your sector will be best placed to recognise good talent and source quality candidates through a rigorous and robust selection process. Most recruitment outsourcing companies specialise in a narrow field, so select one that has experience of finding quality candidates for comparable businesses.

3) Can You Find Candidates For The Type Of Hire I Need?

Some recruitment outsourcing companies specialise in hiring permanent staff in full or part-time roles, while others concentrate on hiring to fill temporary positions. The pool of candidates is likely to differ considerably according to the nature of each role: staff seeking short-term work before moving onto a new assignment will bring different skills and experiences to those who are searching for highly paid, permanent positions. Check that your chosen recruitment partner can find the right staff for the right role.

 4) Do You Have A Strong Track Record Of Success?

Finally, find out how successful the outsourcing company has been in the past in managing the recruitment campaigns of other businesses. Reviews can provide an impartial overview and identify how other businesses have benefited from their services.

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