How to Choose the Best Applicant Tracking System for Your Company

How to Choose the Best Applicant Tracking System for Your Company

If your HR department is overworked, or your talent acquisition and onboarding expenses are through the roof, you may benefit from investing in a new and better applicant tracking system (ATS). In today’s article, we take a look at how to choose the right applicant tracking system for your recruitment strategy, and answer our most frequently asked questions.

What Is An Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is specialist software used by recruitment teams that guides the recruiting and hiring journey. There are many types of ATS platform available. Some are basic databases that simply help recruiters and employers keep an eye on candidate progress. Some, like the software available from Blue Octopus, are a portal of carefully designed tools that enable recruitment teams to take complete control of the filtering, analysis, and management of future employees.

What Type of ATS Does My Company Need?

The type of applicant tracking system depends upon the unique needs of the company. Organisations that experience high levels of permanent staff turnover or utilise temporary staff and apprentices in large numbers may benefit from a more advanced ATS to give the team greater insight into the best strategy for your circumstances.

Businesses that need to fill critical long-term executive roles, such as a manager or director, may also find a comprehensive ATS beneficial. Many companies are currently reporting an overwhelming volume of applications high level roles, and ATS can help to ease the burden of talent screening and recruitment by increasing accuracy and efficiency throughout the process.

What should I look for in an Applicant Tracking System?

Based on our client feedback, at Blue Octopus we believe that usability (UX) is the critical factor in an ATS. Ideally, the platform and interface should be intuitive, comfortable, and clear, so that companies don’t need to invest in unnecessary training. Additionally, cross-platform applicant tracking systems are becoming increasingly vital, especially for organisations that are continuing a hybrid or remote working approach. Being able to track candidates anywhere, anytime, can also help to fill positions more quickly and may stop the ideal employee from being snapped up elsewhere.

Do Applicant Tracking Systems Need Upgrades?

Yes! Today’s cyber security demands regular upgrades to all software systems. Without these, sensitive data is at risk, which can land businesses in hot water with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Ideally, look for an ATS that has both automatic and optional upgrades for security updates, bug fixes, and tools. Optional upgrades can help you to tailor the software to the unique requirements of your organisation, which can include adding functionalities as and when you need them – while also avoiding unnecessary downtime for updates you may be unaware of. Companies that are growing may find it particularly helpful to have ATS software that can be scaled up or down according to demand.

Can Applicant Tracking Systems Be Flexible?

Not all ATS’s are flexible, but many of them are. At Blue Octopus, we always recommend opting for a flexible solution can be tailored to closely match your recruitment strategy. Flexibility is important for several reasons. Firstly, organisations can pick and choose the right modular set-up to suit their budget, recruitment requirements, and time availability. For instance, overworked employees might experience greater efficiency and less stress with a more automated ATS. Additionally, every company experiences change, and flexible applicant tracking systems can be easily tweaked to give the business the right level of recruitment support.

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Software can make the recruitment process a lot easier, and may help to save time, stress, and money. At Blue Octopus, we’re here to help, so for more information about our ATS solutions and managed recruitment services, please call today.