How to Create the Best Job Ad for the Right Candidate

How to Create the Best Job Ad for the Right Candidate

Writing the perfect job advertisement can be a tricky business. The job ad needs to stand out from the crowd, contain all the right details, and accurately reflect the ethos of the organisation. Thankfully, there are a few easy steps to find the ideal candidate.

Here’s how:

1) Think About The Type of Person You Want To Attract

Whether the role demands an energetic, forward-thinking dynamo, or a highly experienced practitioner, the design of the job advertisement needs to reflect that unique personality. Be clear about your vision, and try to reflect it in the design of the ad.

2) Choose Your Words Wisely

Words evoke different emotions and thought processes, and this can be powerfully influential when attracting the right candidate. For instance, eloquent, linguistically playful sentences are likely to appeal to highly educated individuals but may alienate some audiences. To find your perfect candidate, some research into the best writing style can go a long way.

3) Add Images

HR departments can bring job advertisements to life by adding eye-catching images. Images are also an excellent way of conveying the culture, values, and ethos of the organisation. By giving people a glimpse into why it’s worth joining your company, candidates may start bonding with the organisation even before the interview.

4) Be Creative Yet Traditional With Job Titles

The title is the start of the job advertisement journey, so it needs to appeal to your ideal candidate. Fun, quirky titles are a good way to do this, but search engines often miss them, allowing potential employees to slip through the net, and many high level candidates don’t take ‘quirky’ job advert titles seriously. Be sure to use tailored keywords and familiar phrases to stop your ad from disappearing into the backwaters of the multiverse.

5) Post Your Job Salary!

As arguably the most important element of a job advertisement, the salary is a major influencer in whether your perfect employee joins your team. Research shows that job advertisements that show the salary can attract up to 30% more candidates,[1] greatly increasing the chances of finding the ideal fit.

6) Work With a Recruitment Agency

Not everybody is an advert writing expert, so if finding the perfect candidate or improving employee retention is crucial, outsourcing is often the most reliable solution. Recruitment agencies employ skilled writing professionals to ensure that job ads are tweaked to perfection. Highly experienced in the art of attracting and matching future employees with their perfect roles, recruitment specialists can help to alleviate the stress and cost of multiple failed job advertisements.

What Next?

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Image Source: Unsplash