IRIS Software Group bolsters its HCM portfolio with acquisition of Blue Octopus, a provider of recruitment software and services

IRIS Software Group bolsters its HCM portfolio with acquisition of Blue Octopus, a provider of recruitment software and services

IRIS Software Group (IRIS), one of the UK’s largest privately owned software companies, is today announcing it has acquired Blue Octopus, a leading provider of recruitment software and services in the UK.

Founded in 2010 by brothers, Chris and Liam Coleman, Blue Octopus specialises in offering innovative recruitment and onboarding technology, managed recruitment services and customised careers microsites to over 200 companies – primarily in the public sector, construction, manufacturing and retail industries.

Blue Octopus’ cutting-edge talent acquisition platform empowers in-house recruitment teams and HR professionals to efficiently source top talent, enhance candidate experience, drive engagement, and optimise processes. This aligns closely with IRIS’ commitment to streamline business operations for customers and give professionals more time to do what’s valued.

Against the backdrop of a loosening UK labour market, more people looking for work due to rising living costs and increased demand for skilled talent. Blue Octopus provides a credible and reliable solution for IRIS’ customers to identify and recruit top candidates effectively, addressing the ongoing talent shortages across various industries.

This acquisition complements IRIS’ long-term vision to significantly expand its presence in the HCM segment. By integrating Blue Octopus’ complementary recruitment software and services into the IRIS suite, customers can derive enhanced value from a cohesive and secure HCM system.

The move demonstrates IRIS’ dedication to investing in quality people and pioneering products to enrich its service offerings. With shared core values and culture, the collaboration between the two companies presents an opportunity to combine an HR, payroll and recruitment offering for customers.

Stephanie Coward, HCM Managing Director at IRIS, says, “Our aim is to not only assist our clients in achieving productivity and compliance but also to ensure an exceptional employee experience right from the start. We are thrilled to welcome Blue Octopus onboard and are committed to supporting its expansion as well as investing in its staff for the benefit of both current and new customers.”

Founders of Blue Octopus, Chris and Liam Coleman, say, “It’s an exciting time to be in the talent management industry as it experiences rapid growth. The landscape is ever evolving, presenting a range of challenges for HR and internal recruitment teams, from navigating global talent shortages to the fierce competition for securing top talent, all while maintaining timeliness and cost-effectiveness.

“Being part of the IRIS family will enable us to tap into exceptional teams and resources to help with these challenges. We’re thrilled about the potential for our software and services to reach new heights, delivering enhanced value to our customers and offering our team members expanded opportunities for their personal and professional growth.”