Why Most Companies are Now Outsourcing Their Recruitment

Why Most Companies are Now Outsourcing Their Recruitment

As any company grows, outsourcing certain tasks and responsibilities becomes paramount to keep on top of in-house costs. With recruitment and talent acquisition, ideally you want to focus on your core strengths as a business and let others capitalise on theirs to realise your overall vision. This is why the most successful companies increasingly outsource aspects of recruitment, talent mapping, and search, to fellow professionals who specialise in this area.

There are numerous benefits to outsourcing your recruitment strategy. Here are just a few to keep in mind:

1) Time – From initial job posting to administrative tasks, onboarding, and eventual training, the recruitment process can be long and arduous, with no cast iron guarantee of success. This will take precious time and resources away from other HR areas you’d like to be focusing on. Outsourcing to a partner such as Blue Octopus, if done the right way, doesn’t skip on time just for easy results – but it does mean that core recruitment tasks can happen in the background while your talent acquisition strategy grows in other ways.

2) Cost – Focusing on in-house recruitment, or on in-house/agency partnerships exclusively, can drain your HR budget more than many people realise. Not only is this a long process with many stages, but each of those stages cost money – whether we’re talking about advertising costs, extra staff shifts for interviews and training, or facilities required to deliver that training. Letting other professionals who already know how to streamline the process handle this – in partnership with your own team –  could save plenty of money in the long run.

3) Access to Talent – Recruitment specialists like Blue Octopus know not only how to get recruits ready for working with you, but how to entice the right recruits from a broad talent pool. Having plenty of applicants is fine but most of them likely won’t be the right kind of applicants if you’re shooting in the dark with job postings or restricting your search to the standard online locations. Professional recruiters, on the other hand, will know what kind of people you’re looking for and how to bring them directly to you – casting the net wider to include talent who may not be on the open jobs market.

4) Practicality – As mentioned previously, it makes sense to outsource certain areas to those who specialise in the subject. Blue Octopus have worked with employers across many industries for over a decade now, covering specialist and executive recruitment in different areas from manufacturing and social housing to retail and hospitality. Outsourcing to such trusted professionals makes practical sense by allowing your own business to focus its HR resources elsewhere, on what it does best.

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Outsourcing recruitment to a managed provider like Blue Octopus can be a more streamlined process overall that allows you to control your talent selection while making it easier for the right candidates to find you. By letting a third party take an objective look at all sides of the process, your recruitment strategy can be brought together in a way that’s more difficult to do from behind your own desk. Many HR directors are realising this every day and it’s why outsourcing recruitment is more popular than ever.

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