The ‘Older Generation’: why your workplace shouldn’t overlook them

The ‘Older Generation’: why your workplace shouldn’t overlook them

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of later-career workers over the age of 50 leaving the workplace has risen dramatically. This has created a scenario where companies are faced with the loss of substantial expertise and staff shortages.

In today’s article, we look at why hiring experienced and older workers (aged 50-70) could help your company overcome skills shortages and recruitment difficulties, especially when recruiting for specialist and senior positions.

1) Build a reputation as an inclusive business
Do companies hire older workers? Generally speaking – and unfortunately for both the workers and their prospective employers – they don’t. Many businesses are still falling short of age-inclusiveness, so this is an opportunity to differentiate your company from the rest.

Today, consumers increasingly expect businesses to demonstrate their commitment to real-world diversity and inclusion, with actions and not only words.

By employing older workers, your business is seen as inclusive and multi-generational, which will create a positive working environment and one that potential customers will want to interact with.

2) Get top support for management
Thanks to their decades of workplace experience, older workers can bring experience, knowledge, and skills to their current role – as consultants, trainers, managers, and technical specialists. This accumulated experience may have been learned in contexts and scenarios to which colleagues and management might not have had access, which means their expertise can become a valuable asset to managers and executives looking to broaden their horizons.

3) Improve corporate problem-solving skills
Older professionals are a reliable source of core soft skills due to the communication and team work know-how they have accumulated throughout their career.

These employees have much to contribute to crucial aspects of business, such as problem solving, mediation, and decision making. Some of this knowledge can only be developed through consistent hands-on experience, so they can provide guidance at a time when many businesses are pressured to make important strategic decisions and younger workers don’t necessarily have the time in place this requires.

Moreover, older workers can become mentors and positive role models to younger staff, which will help embed their expertise into your organisation for many years to come.

4) Bring a mature perspective to your organisation
Older workers are less likely to analyse tasks in their role from an emotional perspective, having experienced many ups and downs over their careers. Hiring such workers can help bring a fresh but at the same time mature perspective into your organisation, providing the counterpoint needed to bring balance to teams and departments.

Their mature approach to work also means they have a greater ability to focus and prioritise tasks. As a result, their productivity and morale levels will always remain consistent.

Next steps

If you’re looking to expand your talent pool by targeting the older generation, at Blue Octopus we’re ready to work with you and help you find the most suitable talent for your specific requirements.

Our Managed Recruitment Campaigns are age-inclusive and fully tailored to the needs of every client and role.

Take a look at our Diversity & Inclusion Guide to learn more about the benefits of hiring older workers and of working with a leading recruitment agency.